13TH Annual Spring Plant Sale & Art Fair
 Saturday, May 7th, 2016
9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

We invite you to attend The  Annual  Spring Plant Sale
 which has taken place the last few years beside the 
Historic John Quincy Adams Young House
on Cornell Road next to the Cedar Mill Bible Church
This year the Plant Sale will again be in the Church Lower Parking Lot next to the Historic Young House.

The sale is known for its large variety of quality perennials from member's yards. We have "potting parties" at homes in the fall and early spring to insure that the plants are well rooted and will be ready to bloom for our customers. We offer expert information provided by local gardeners and a good variety of locally grown garden plants!  

perennial is a plant that comes up year after year. Most lose their leaves and go dormant in the winter  here in Oregon. They need to be divided to thrive, thus we have extra plants for the sale.

We also sell bi-annuals, plants that usually grow and bloom for a couple of years. Foxglove is an example of a bi-annual, although a perennial foxglove has been developed.

We have large number of herbs and succulents, both of which do well with less water, Iris, and peonies are also favorites.

We always have choice and unusual plants, shrubs and vines. In addition this year we have numerous peonies, roses, ferns and hostas.
Most 3 gallon plants are $3 and $4, however some of the more unusual and choice plants, such as AstilbeFern and Hosta are a bit more.


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 Annual Plant Sale Pictures 

Will Your Amaryllis Bloom Again  Next Year?

If you want your Amaryllis to bloom again, keep it like a houseplant all summer and early fall and trim it back in October. Then put it in a dark place, letting it go dormant for a month before setting it out to bloom.

Gardening tips from Cedar Mill Women

To keep rodents away from bulbs, sprinkle ground up chile peppers with bulb when planting. ~Annabel

One part ammonia to three parts water applied near hostas in early spring protects plants from slugs. ~Garnet

Willow steeped in water makes natural  rootenone - also put willow in with plant in water to encourage rooting. ~Jackie

Seaweed is an excellent fertilizer and also helps plant become established. ~Robin

November Tip: If you haven't trimmed roses, cut back to knee high, do not compost, spread alfalfa meal about two inches deep around rose  to prevent spores from splashing onto new growth in spring. ~Pat Still

Children's Lit. Review: A Seed is Sleepy by Aston and Long 

Another beautiful and informative book. The opening spread with its colorful array of seeds is enough to intrigue any reader. The book relates that some seeds lay in the soil waiting for the right conditions to sprout for months, others take years. Young readers learn that fruits help protect and nourish seeds and that while orchid seeds are no larger then a period, one palm weighs 60 pounds.

Cedar Mill Garden Club: Married to My Garden by Barbara Blossom Ashmun

In Married to My Garden Barbara Blossom Ashmun's life as a gardener follows the stages of romance. At first she's obsessed, dreaming of plants day and night. Like a woman in love, she's possessed - until weeds and slugs make her questions the whole affair. Yet even a brief absence makes her realize that she can't live without her  hands in the dirt. In the end, she surrenders to her garden, even with all its faults. These essays are sure to lure into the backyard where your heart, too, will be filled with joy. 
New Hardiness Zone for Portland 

Click here for Hardiness Zone Map

Non-members often participate by donating plants or helping at a potting party! We begin potting in the fall when many spring blooming perennials are divided.

PROCEEDS go toward horticultural scholarships, botanical gardens, the JQAHouse Foundation, Penny Pines and community educational projects.

If you have plants you would like donate, please contact Kathie Henderson, kathie@deepsouth.co.nz