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September 21st, 2016: Welcoming Birds, Bats and Bees into our Gardens with Elaine Murphy of Nature Services 

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June 21st, 2017 End of Year Potluck
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History of  the JQAYoung House  --  John Quincy Adams Young traveled the Oregon Trail with his family to settle in the Oregon Territory in the late 1840's.

Young built the salt-box style house in 1863 near Cedar Mill Creek where he co-owned a sawmill.  He and his wife Elizabeth and their children lived in the house until 1874, when they moved across the street.

Young was appointed postmaster in that same year and the house was turned into the Cedar Mill Area's first general store and post office. It stayed that way until 1881.

The house changed hands several times and the THPRD acquired it from the Cedar Mill Bible Church in 2005.

For More Reading About the Young House check out
The Cedar Mill News Archives at
Then go to black bar below the masthead and choose
subject index; click on History in the News.  There you will find "How Cedar Mill Got it's Name" and "Historic JQAHouse to be Park."
The Friends of JQAYoung House 

Young House in 1903 
Sawmill on Cedar
Mill Creek

Work Party Pictures on Young 
House Wildflower Garden 

On Monday, Nov. 30 Cedar Mill Garden 
Club members, Susan Marshall, Sue Owen, Jackie McClung, Barbara Cushman and Ruby Warren and spouse, Dan, along with Eberhard Jaechk, JQAYoung House Foundation representative, gathered to put in a wildflower strip along the front  of the house near the sidewalk.  

They weeded, put down a layer of newspaper, then mulch and finally gravel before seeding in the late fall.
Young House Today
John Quincy Adams Young 
Getting down and dirty, Susan Marshall, Barb Cushman, Jackie McClung and Eberhard Jaechk getting mulch out of wheelbarrow and onto wildflower bed.

The John Quincy Adams Young House, located on N.W. Cornell Road 
near 119th in the Cedar Mill area, was listed in the National Register of Historic Places in December of 2008.  

The THPRD, which owns the historic property, has drawn up a master plan for renovation and restoration of the house for use as a museum and public park. The restoration includes raising the house from its current foundation and bringing the inside up to code.  

The property includes a beautiful waterfall with an overlook.  A boardwalk is planned for construction along the creek this summer, and it is planned for the area to again become a public park.

The Cedar Mill Garden Club has set aside $1,500 for an herb garden or 
a cottage garden when the grounds are ready. In the meantime, the 
club, along with members of the Young House Foundation and a donation of mulch and gravel from Cedar Mill Lumber Co., planted a  wildflower strip along the frontage to beautify the area-- click for pic.


See you for our 13th year on May 7th, 2016 
for Perennials, Herbs, Natives, Plants, Shrubs, plus more!

Sales benefited:
A Garden at the Young House,  Botanical Gardens
Youth Education, Comunity Projects, Reforestation
$1,000  Horticultural Scholarship to  local College Student 

Wildflowers in Bloom June, July & August
Cedar Mill Falls
Cedar Mill Falls will have boardwalk and overlook soon.

Join Project Feederwatch!

To participate in 
Project Feederwatch 
click here or 
phone: 800-843-2473.

The fee is only $15.00.

Materials sent include birds that may be viewed in the Portland Metro Area including: house wren, black-capped chickadee, pileated woodpecker, red breasted nuthatch, spotted towhee, blue heron, grosbeak, red-winged  blackbird, bush tit and many more, so join us in enjoying our feathered friends.

Carpoolers usually meet at 
K-Mart, Murray and Farmington at the garden center @10:30a.m.

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